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Clinical and research decision support


For patients, a cancer diagnosis is an emotional struggle while physicians face enormous time pressure and responsibility to come up with the right diagnosis and treatment decision.

With medical knowledge increasing at an exponential rate and advances in science, medicine and information technology, it becomes more and more complex for healthcare professionals to understand and interpret all available data.

This is where we come in. Roche clinical decision support solutions are designed to help physicians make the right diagnosis and treatment decisions faster, more accurately and targeted by helping transform the volume of data into actionable insights that better inform treatment of a specific patient. Research decision support, on the other hand, provides data and tools that enable new discoveries. 

Building on Roche expertise and experience in Diagnostics and Pharma - understanding medical and scientific backgrounds as well as patients – we can address data-supported diagnosis in various areas. To develop, implement and integrate products for that purpose, we collaborate with various leading technology companies in the healthcare industry.

Decision support helps healthcare professionals with decisions through data-driven analytics and insights - moving a step closer to our vision of Personalised Healthcare.
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Diagnostics Information Solutions (DIS)

To concentrate efforts in the emerging field of healthcare information management in support of its ambition in digital Diagnostics and Personalised Healthcare, Roche formed Diagnostics Information Solutions (DIS) in 2016. The goal is to redefine how data drives patient care and R&D to help ensure the right treatment reaches the right patient.

DIS is headed by Tim Jaeger and coordinates many data-driven activities within Roche Diagnostics including the development of the NAVIFY® digital product portfolio with clinical and research decision support solutions, provision of data services and analytics and management of interfaces to Roche’s healthcare technology partners.  


Tim M. Jaeger,
Global Head Diagnostics Information Solutions

Our mission is to make Roche Diagnostics the partner of choice to healthcare stakeholders, providing information solutions for better patient care and smarter, more efficient R&D.

NAVIFY Tumor Board

The first product launched under the NAVIFY brand is NAVIFY Tumor Board, a clinical decision support product designed to facilitate the coordination of tumor boards and the collection, presentation and discussion of patient information. A ‘tumor board' is a collaborative, multidisciplinary team that meets to discuss cancer patient cases to align on the optimal treatment for a patient. NAVIFY Tumor Board integrates disparate sets of clinical data from multiple sources into a dashboard and is hosted on a secure and compliant cloud infrastructure.

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NAVIFY is a trademark of Roche


NAVIFY Decision Support portfolio

A fully integrated portfolio of scalable, secure workflow solutions and apps designed to support care teams with analytics and actionable insights.
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