About Roche Diagnostics Belgium

Roche Diagnostics Belgium NV/SA

We are the Belgian organization of the Diagnostics division of the F. Hoffmann-La Roche group. We are based in Diegem, Brussels. 

The Diagnostics division develop and integrate diagnostic solutions that address the challenges of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive in vitro diagnostics solutions, covering molecular diagnostics, clinical chemistry and immunoassays, tissue diagnostics, point of care testing, patient self-testing, next-generation sequencing, and laboratory automation and IT, and decision support solutions.

Our leading position in the field of in vitro diagnostics, both  internationally and on the Belgian market, gives us obligations towards our partners and the patients. The Belgian Diagnostics affiliate makes a significant contribution in terms of accessibility, quality and affordability of the Belgian healthcare

Roche Diagnostics Belgium wants to increase the efficiency of the care process by demonstrating the value of the diagnostics and to act as a trendsetter in the field of medical value.

This value is created by providing products and services that have a significant impact on people's health through detection, early diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of proper treatment.

Our employees are motivated and committed to our partners in the health care sector. We contribute to the success of hospitals, research laboratories, private analytical laboratories and medical practices with outstanding services, which ultimately benefit patients outcome. Our success is based on our 180 talented and motivated employees, to whom we offer attractive working conditions and opportunities for continuous development.