Elecsys® Anti-CMV IgG

Immunoassay for the quantitative determination of IgG-antibodies against CMV

Elecsys® CMV IgG

Immunoassay for the quantitative determination of IgG-antibodies against CMV

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a herpes virus ubiquitous in humans, and it is the leading infectious cause of congenital malformations.1 Anti-CMV IgG and IgM reactive samples may indicate an acute, recent or reactivated infection.

Since fetal symptomatic congenital infection is mostly due to intrauterine transmission following primary maternal infection, differential diagnosis of primary versus recurrent infection, unspecific IgM or persistence of CMV-specific IgM antibody is crucial for the management of the pregnancy.2 Antibodies produced at an early stage during primary response have lower antigen avidity than those produced at a later stage.2

A low-avidity anti-CMV IgG detected before the 16th – 18th week of pregnancy, together with a positive anti-CMV IgM, is strong evidence of a recent primary infection, whereas a high avidity index during the first 12 – 16 weeks would be considered a good indicator of past infection.2 A high avidity result later in gestation cannot rule out a primary infection at an earlier stage of the pregnancy.2

Elecsys® CMV IgG

Elecsys® Anti-CMV IgG

  • Systems

    cobas e 411 analyzer, cobas e 601 module, cobas e 801 module


  • Testing Time

    18 minutes in parallel


  • Test principle

    One-step double antigen sandwich immunoassay


  • Calibration



  • Interpretation

    <0.5 U/mL = non-reactive
    0.5 – 1.0 U/mL = gray zone
    ≥1.0 U/mL = reactive


  • Traceability

    This method has been standardized against a Roche standard (arbitrary units)


  • Sample material

    Serum collected using standard sampling tubes or tubes containing separating   gel. Li‑heparin, Na‑heparin, K2‑EDTA, K3‑EDTA, ACD, CPD, CP2D, CPDA and   Na‑citrate plasma.


  • Sample volume

    20 μL cobas e 411 analyzer, cobas e 601 module
    12 μL cobas e 801 module


  • Onboard stability

    3 weeks for cobas e 411 analyzer, cobas e 601 module
    16 weeks for cobas e 801 module


  • Intermediate precision

    cobas e 411 analyzer: CV 3.2 – 3.9 %       
    cobas e 601 module: CV 3.2 – 4.5 %  
    cobas e 801 module: CV 2.3 – 5.7 %


  • Agreement with a commercially available method

    98.9 % (n = 532)
    96.8 % (n = 616)
    99.4 % (n = 520)    

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