Biochemistry, or biochem, is in our DNA here at Roche Diagnostics. It denotes the field of science committed to the study of living organisms. Medical biochemistry includes analysing values or abnormalities within enzymes, blood, plasma, serum, urine or other cells, as well as identifying the presence of specific biomarkers to help diagnose, monitor and treat patients1

The challenges of clinical biochemistry diagnostics

Roche biochemistry solutions

Medical diagnostics cannot exist without biochemistry, which is why Roche Diagnostics are dedicated to providing new, evolving solutions for biochemistry labs. 


We are living in the age of diagnostic consolidation, with an ever-increasing need for labs to centralise and strengthen their operations to find new ways of navigating highly pressurised environments. In our pursuit to bring consolidation to labs across the UK, we are committed to integrating various branches of laboratory medicine, including biochemistry, through automation. 


In our range of cobas® products, biochemistry labs can discover the power of absolute automation and complete consolidation made possible with high-throughput capabilities and a wide menu of assays, within a single platform. 


Using just a few square feet of space, the solutions within Roche’s Serum and Molecular Work Areas are able to offer laboratories a complete testing and monitoring setup capable of analysing high numbers of specimens in a short space of time. With full integration connecting seamlessly with laboratory IT solutions, as well as unrivalled standardisation, the cobas® platforms offer simplicity and - most importantly - scalability as clinical biochemistry requirements develop in an ever-evolving healthcare setting. 


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