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The Power of Molecular Microbiology

Uncovering answers to age old questions

Microbiology has been aiding our centuries-long attempts to tackle the deleterious effects of microbes.

From hypothesising the existence of “something in the air causing diseases” to viewing and culturing microbes, linking them as causative agents for specific diseases, understanding their onset, progress and resistance – we have made great strides over the years.


Uncover more with leading molecular solutions

Roche is at the forefront of bringing actionable clinical results and operational efficiency through technological innovation and leadership.

Roche facilitates the mission of tackling infectious diseases through a suite of molecular diagnostic systems and assays that aid in the detection of virulent pathogens and drug-resistant bacteria.



Molecular POC


Find the power of a lab in the palm of your hand with lab-quality results at the point of care.

The cobas® Liat® System is a fast, easy-to-use, compact PCR system designed for on-demand testing in POC settings.

A growing portfolio of assays, including cobas® Influenza A/B, cobas® Influenza A/B & RSV, cobas® Strep A, and cobas® Cdiff are available, and assays for other infectious diseases are in development.


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Application of molecular microbiology in detecting major diseases

Advances in molecular microbiological techniques facilitate the accurate diagnosis of several serious diseases, help to identify disease resistance and drive more prudent prescribing of antibiotics.



Respiratory infections


Tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB, TB)  is a global challenge resulting in 1.6 million deaths in 2017 alone.2

Greater than 1/3 of new people affected by TB are undiagnosed or detected but not reported, with drug resistance becoming a serious concern.

Learn more about MTB and the available molecular assays to detect MTB. Find out about other respiratory infections such as influenza and influenza assays.

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