navify® Digital Pathology (on-prem)

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<b>navify<sup>®</sup></b> Digital Pathology (on-prem)
Roche uPath enterprise software

Fast, customizable platform enhancing the efficiency of the pathology laboratory workflow.

Case management and collaboration with a 360° patient view

An efficient and sustainable digital pathology solution requires an interoperable software platform that ensures easy and fast access to the required information.

Manage, collaborate, report!

The Roche uPath enterprise software enhances the efficiency of pathology laboratory workflow with connectivity tools and automation. The on-premise or cloud-based solution is a universal platform that seamlessly enables communication between pathologists and technicians via usability, innovation, and digitization.

Roche Digital Pathology Dx

Roche Digital Pathology Dx, the VENTANA® DP 200 slide scanner in combination with Roche’s digital pathology workflow software and a monitor, is available in the United States to aid in clinical diagnosis, enabling pathologists to diagnose patients using digital images. 

Elevate and enhance your pathology workflow

Roche uPath software is an intuitive platform that enhances pathology workflow efficiency, freeing more time in the laboratory to focus on value-driven tasks with increasing ease.

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Fast, simple and powerful


  • Intuitive and easy-to-adopt web-based application
  • Enhances workflow efficiency with faster case loading,  multi-slide canvas viewing and annotation tools
  • Supports personal preferences with customized, user-defined tools
  • Enhances the user experience with a patient-centric and intuitive design for rapid case sign-out
  • Displays high-quality images to support diagnostic accuracy
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Scalable and customizable


  • Scalable solution with flexibility to add users and algorithms as need arises 
  • Configurable deployments adapting to lab volumes
  • Modular system configuration that offers user management, audit logging and data management
  • Customizable interface to improve lab productivity
  • Enables seamless collaboration with customized multi-site installation to support remote consultation
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Fully integrated


  • Connects with VENTANA slide scanners link to slide scanner page
  • Compatible with Roche whole slide image analysis algorithms
  • Integrates with navify Pathology Lab Hub for Laboratory Information System (LIS) interaction and data automation
  • Offers convenient and secure access and automated data transfer with LIS auto-deployment
  • Engineered for data safety and security
  • Enhanced authentication and database encryption 
uPath enterprise software
Roche uPath enterprise software applications

By design, Roche uPath enterprise software provides a holistic, easy-to-use and quick solution for digital pathology laboratories looking to enhance their workflows, with multiple applications:

  • Case management and collaboration
  • Remote consultation
  • Automated image analysis
  • Patient case evaluation and report generation

uPath enterprise software

uPath enterprise software is the license-based on-premise version of the pathology workflow software

navify Digital Pathology

navify Digital Pathology is the Software as a Service cloud version of uPath enterprise software

Data Privacy Data privacy is managed behind your organization’s firewall Data privacy is managed by Roche security practices

Primary storage is available via the hard disk in the server image management system (IMS)

QStar is supported for secondary storage

Primary storage is available with Amazon S3
Scalability Higher scalability may require additional physical servers Seamless scalability through deployment of additional resources on cloud
Maintenance and Upgrades

Product maintenance and upgrades are managed by customer IT and/or Roche support

Customer-managed IT and infrastructure

Periodic upgrades for server and other hardware

No product maintenance or upgrade responsibilities for your organization

Roche-managed IT and infrastructure; your organization only requires a computer to connect

Integration Integration with Roche applications Easier integration with external applications such as the Open Environment for external algorithms
Digital Pathology solution

A differentiated digital pathology portfolio

The Roche Digital Pathology solution combines innovative hardware, software and artificial intelligence-based uPath whole slide image analysis algorithms including algorithms for HER2 (4B5), HER2 Dual ISH, PD-L1 (SP263), ER (SP1), PR (1E2) and Ki-67 (30-9).

Registration status

CE-IVD marked. In the US, Roche Digital Pathology Dx is available as a whole slide imaging system to aid in primary diagnosis. 

Refer to the product-specific labeling for the regulatory status of the scanner and algorithms. When Research Use Onlyproducts are used with IVD products, the integrated workflow will be for Research Use Only and cannot be used fordiagnostic procedures.


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