cobas® Synergy software

High capacity pooling and archiving of blood donations

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
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Features and benefits
  • Achieve more pools with fewer instruments, for increased productivity and quicker release of results
  • Track every donor sample through every step for complete standardization and process control
  • Total flexibility and customized solutions to meet your lab’s unique needs and help you meet your goals efficiently
Intended use

The cobas® Synergy software is intended to be used for the management of data regarding samples to be processed for individual testing and pooling. The software collects data from pooling and analyzer instruments, which allows the operator to review results against individual samples and samples that have been pooled, creating output files from the data that can be sent to a Laboratory Information Management System. cobas® Synergy software is intended for use by testing laboratory personnel who are trained in its operation and are familiar with the associated assays and instruments.

optimal throughput cobas synergy
Optimal throughput


cobas® Synergy creates more pools with fewer instruments resulting in higher throughput and faster release of results

enhanced safety cobas synergy
Enhanced safety


The solution includes built-in safety measures that track each donor sample through every step of the process

greater efficiency cobas synergy
Greater efficiency


No two labs have precisely the same needs. cobas® Synergy provides flexibility to meet the unique demands of each individual laboratory

Pooling solution


One run name can be selected per pooling run

Loading capacity


768 donor sample tubes

128 pool tubes (pools of 6)


32 pool tubes (pools of 24)


8 pool tubes (pools of 96)

Pool creation


Pool creation:

Donor samples are pipetted from sample tubes into pool tubes to create the primary pools.


Primary pools:

Direct creation of a pool of samples


Secondary pools:

Created for pool deconstruction in case of a reactive pool result  

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Hamilton Microlab® STAR

cobas® Synergy Solution overview
cobas synergy solution overview


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