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Roche’s innovative automation solutions overcome today’s challenges, empowering every lab to transform business outcomes, impact patient care, and redefine their role in healthcare

Today’s labs are under growing pressure to do more with less. Industry consolidation, workforce shortages, and rising costs have made delivering high-quality outcomes difficult.

Backed by a proven history of innovation and more than 4,400 systems installed worldwide, our commitment to innovation is enabling labs to push the standard of care forward by improving quality and cost management. Proven methodologies and tools, proven best practices, and metric-based insights unlock the value of the lab.


Empower your team with an IT solution that consolidates all your lab data onto one platform

Customizable and aggregated data-dashboards allow you to easily track, review, and analyze lab trends to proactively identify and course-correct issues

Benchmark and compare multiple sites within your network

Built-in quality modules measure trends over time and immediately detect even subtle quality issues


Experience an intelligent and adaptive workflow that adjusts to the changing needs of your lab

Integrate your entire sample flow from pre- to post-analytics on a single IT solution

Customize your workspace to display all necessary information to validate a patient result in one screen

Workflow automatically adjusts based on real-time needs reducing staff intervention and overall complexity


Completing tasks is now easier and more intuitive

Eliminate the reliance on complex rules and achieve the majority of your autoverification needs with out-of-the-box parameters

Easy browser based implementation reduces security concerns and preserves space by eliminating the need for a dedicated workstation

Designed to be uniquely simple based on real-life customer feedback


cobas® infinity laboratory solution

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cobas® infinity POC solution

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Dx Optimization

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Product Solutions


cobas® 8100 automated workflow series

Redefine your lab’s potential with powerful and predictable automation.

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cobas® p 512 and p 612 pre-analytical systems

Standalone solutions that make a big impact in a small footprint.

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cobas® connection modules (CCM)

Reach a new level of productivity with a system that goes beyond connectivity.

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cobas® p 312 pre-analytical system

Compact automation that maximizes flexibility and efficiency.

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case study



Case Study
Geisinger Medical Center

Fewer steps, predictable turnaround times, consolidated testing areas, and a reduced footprint. Here’s how Roche helped Geisinger Medical Center redefine the value of their laboratory.

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