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Unlock your labs full potential

Digitalization is transforming healthcare, allowing labs to rise to the challenge of doing more with less.

New solutions are allowing for faster, more accurate diagnostics than ever before. But with each solution, complexities arise – from managing disparate data sources to adapting to ever-changing needs within the lab. To harness the power of this digital transformation laboratories need a solution that enables end-to-end integration.








cobas® infinity laboratory solution was designed to allow you to identify, address and solve your lab’s biggest challenges, using a single, easy-to-use solution.


Designed to work together.
Designed to work for you. 

cobas® infinity laboratory solution was developed from the ground up with system validation in mind, providing you with an out-of-the-box solution no matter your setup.

cobas® infinity laboratory solution provides a complete view of an entire laboratory ecosystem, helping you uncover actionable insights, streamline workflows and realize efficiencies across your lab. 

This intuitive solution eliminates the need for complex rule writing, and complicated integration challenges, allowing you to take your lab to the next level. 

Your data

Empower your team with an IT solution that consolidates all lab data into one platform

  • Customizable and aggregated data-dashboards allow you to easily track, review, and analyze lab trends to proactively identify and course-correct issues
  • Benchmark and compare multiple sites within your network
  • Built-in quality modules measure trends over time and immediately detect even subtle quality issues
  • Improve workflow visibility thanks to enhanced sample traceability
  • View consolidated laboratory data on one application

Your workflow

Experience an intelligent and adaptive workflow that adjusts to changing needs 

  • Integrate your entire sample flow- from pre- to post-analytics on a single IT solution
  • Customize your workspace to display all necessary information to validate a patient result in one screen
  • Automatically adapt your workflow based on real-time needs
  • Color-coded alerts provide system awareness at a glance




Completing tasks is easier and more intuitive than ever

  • Reduce complexity and standardize your processes by automating time-intensive tasks
  • Eliminate the reliance on complex rules and achieve the majority of your autoverification needs with out-of-the-box parameters
  • Easy browser-based implementation eliminates security concerns and unnecessary additional software deployment costs
  • Intuitive design based on real-life customer feedback eliminates the need for complex training


optimize productivity

Optimize productivity 

Make use of lean results validation through autoverification and real-time access to patient result information on one screen

dynamic workflow

Dynamic workflow 

Minimize TAT with an intelligent,  dynamic engine that automatically adjusts to changing conditions

integrated quality

Integrated quality 

Help simplify daily processes with built-in QC data access, without ever leaving the application 

Expand your influence across healthcare 

Elevate your lab beyond diagnostic results. 

cobas® infinity laboratory solution is part of the Roche Digital Diagnostics portfolio—a collection of advanced products that optimize the use of healthcare data to drive operational efficiency, improve financial performance and impact patient care decisions.

Whatever your ambition, Roche has the experience and expertise to help you make that vision a reality. 

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