Next generation blood glucose monitoring solution for POC

Introducing our innovative new glucose monitoring solution cobas pulse and cobas infinity edge smart

All around the world, healthcare delivery is undergoing rapid change. Due to increasing cost pressures and limited resources, hospitals of the future need to embrace the digitalization of care to enable high-quality, data-driven patient management. 

Enabling healthcare transformation with our new blood glucose system and enhanced digital ecosystem, Roche proudly presents the next generation of POC glucose monitoring. 

Designed to optimize workflows and improve efficiency, the cobas® pulse system, together with ​​cobas® infinity edge combines a new high-performance glucose meter with a secure, digital management software solution for healthcare professionals.

The future of care starts here
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Tap into advanced safety and performance

Transform your clinical management decisions anytime, anywhere within and across clinical settings with a high-performance system that meets the latest CLSI standards

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Tap into simplicity

Make day-to-day working life easier with a simple-to-use device that can be automatically connected and configured into cobas infinity POC solution with a self-installation solution

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Tap into enhanced digital power

Open up infinite possibilities with secure and easy information access through seamless connection to other POC instruments

cobas pulse system
cobas pulse system

cobas pulse system

  • Overcome your daily challenges with an intuitive and easy-to-use POC system that utilizes a unique test strip architecture, an Android-based interface, and a device-guided test process
  • Designed for advanced accuracy as every single measurement records approximately 1600 data points with no interferences*
  • Minimize downtime with wireless fast charging and a battery status indicator that is always visible

*During verification and clinical evaluation, no drug or endogenous substance showed interference1

cobas infinity edge

cobas infinity edge smart

  • Securely and safely connect patient test results, medical records, and third-party software and app packages with a cloud-based platform
  • Access real-world performance data for better insights and know your devices' location and configuration
  • Enables efficient software upgrade management, monitoring, installation, and distribution, and provides access to up-to-date lot information

Tap into smart connectivity

cobas® infinity edge smart delivers enhanced services and benefits

Save time and reduce workflow disruption

cobas pulse system
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Ever-increasing services for your subscription

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Enable remote service from Roche for POC devices

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Software & app distribution

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Lot distribution

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Installation and registration

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Service data extraction


  1. Roche cobas® GLU test strips Method Sheet V2.0, 2022.