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Cardiometabolic diseases

Optimizing cardiometabolic disease management together
Our commitment

We discover and develop novel, high-quality, accurate assays for innovative cardiometabolic biomarkers

As the leader in in vitro diagnostics, we discover and develop novel, high-quality, accurate assays for innovative biomarkers, through:

  • Continuous innovation: We aim to deliver on unmet medical needs to enable excellence in patient-centric decision-making.
  • Connecting solutions: We develop and offer innovative decision support and disease management solutions to optimize patient management across the continuum of care.
  • Creating evidence: We invest in evidence creation to gain new insights that will transform diagnostics and drive further development of CMD guidelines and policies, ultimately supporting improved outcomes for patients.
Disease burden

The impact of cardiometabolic diseases

Cardiometabolic diseases present a major healthcare burden1‑3 and cardiovascular diseases are a significant cause of premature death;1‑4 18.5 million deaths per year, one-third of all deaths globally.5

Cardiometabolic conditions form a continuum that starts from cardiovascular risk factors, and without intervention, can progress to myocardial infarction, stroke, heart failure, and death.21‑23 Due to this high interdependence, they can no longer be treated in isolation. Fragmented care can lead to redundant diagnostic testing and higher healthcare costs.22,29‑31

Diagnostic challenges and impact

The importance of diagnostics

Diagnostic tests play a crucial part in healthcare. They account for only a fraction of the total healthcare spending (<2%), while informing ~70% of clinical decisions.6

As the global market leader in in vitro diagnostics, Roche continuously invests in evidence generation on new uses of biomarkers to improve cardiometabolic care and outcomes for patients.10‑12 In 2023 alone, we invested CHF 13.2 million in research and development and delivered 6 new platforms, 21 diagnostic tests and 7 digital solutions,13 alongside CMD pipeline acceleration through partnerships and acquisitions.14

With biomarkers and digital solutions, Roche enables earlier diagnosis, reducing time to discharge, and providing information for personalized treatment plans.16,32

Benefits of Roche diagnostic and management solutions for cardiometabolic diseases


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