Multiplex testing technology

eSensor® Technology

The eSensor® Technology is based on the principles of competitive DNA hybridization and electrochemical detection. eSensor® Technology is highly specific for the target biomarker and is not based on fluorescent or optical detection. As a result, diagnostic tests are less prone to sample contamination risk and do not require time-consuming washing and preparation steps.

Innovative technology

Innovative technology-1step

The target DNA is mixed with the signal probe solution. If the application target DNA is present, hybridization to the signal probes occurs immediately.

Innovative-technology- 2step

The solution is pumped through the cartridge's microfluidic chamber and the target CNA/signal probe complex completes the reaction with the pre-assembled capture probe.

Innovative technology -3step

Voltage is swept across each electrode and target DNA is analysed by electrochemical detection.

How the eSensor® Technology works

Delivering superior sensitivity and specificity through eSensor® Technology

Electrowetting technology

Electrowetting is a digital microfluidic technology that allows movement of fluid to enable rapid thermal cycling for fast time to result

How electrowetting works

Electrowetting uses electrical fields to directly manipulate discrete droplets on the surface of a hydrophobically coated printed circuit board (PCB). Droplets of sample and reagents are moved in a programmable fashion and can be efficiently transferred and transported within a network of contiguous electrodes. Other operations such as merging, splitting, dispensing and mixing of droplets can be performed using the same principles.

How electrowetting technology works
ePlex® System

ePlex® System

True sample-to-answer solution

The ePlex® System integrates the entire process from order-to-report to better realize the patient and laboratory benefits of rapid, multiplex molecular diagnostics.