Point of care INR testing

Coagulation self-monitoring

Point of care INR testing

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Coagulation monitoring

The benefits of point of care testing

Point of care testing (POCT), is comparable to laboratory testing for INR measurements with regards to the precision1-3 and accuracy3-6 of results and the clinical agreement in the VKA-dosing decision. 3,6,7

CoaguChek systems offer a holistic solution that can improve quality of care, patient satisfaction and workflow efficiency.


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Improve patient care and satisfaction

Patients managed with POCT achieve a higher time in therapeutic range1-3 and fewer values out of range1,2 compared with patients treated with usual care. This results in:

  • Fewer treatment-related complications4,5
  • Fewer hospitalizations and emergency department visits4,5
  • Improved patient satisfaction6-8

Increase revenue and cut costs

Economic evaluations have shown that POCT is a cost-effective alternative to usual care1,2 and is associated with:

  • Reduced clinic running costs3-5
  • Increased revenue generation in some settings4
  • Cost savings due to fewer hospitalizations and emergency department visits4,6
  • The potential to reduce costs for the healthcare system1,2,7

Streamline your workflow

POCT can streamline anticoagulation management and improves workflow efficiency over usual care by providing: 

  • Shorter clinic visits1-3
  • Reduced workload2,4
  • Faster clinical decisions including immediate on-the-spot dose adjustment2,4-6

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