cobas® c 703 and ISE neo analytical units coming soon

Simplicity meets Excellence

Today more than ever, the importance of accurate and timely diagnostics is clearly understood. In front of our eyes, the healthcare and clinical lab landscape has been rapidly changing with increasing pressure on labs to process more samples faster and to offer a broader and more varied test repertoire.

To help labs overcome these growing pressures, we are dedicating ourselves to continuously developing new innovative solutions that are renowned for their quality and excellence. This is exemplified by our latest generation clinical chemistry and immunochemistry platform, cobas® pro integrated solutions.

Now we aim to take cobas® pro to the next level by increasing the number of configurations and integrating high-volume clinical chemistry testing to serve the needs of large laboratories.

Get ready to experience new possibilities in clinical chemistry with the new cobas® c 703 and cobas® ISE neo analytical units!

cobas® ISE neo and cobas® c 703 analytical units are under development, not approved by regulatory bodies, and not commercially available. The information presented on this page is based on design goals and is subject to change. Contact the local Roche Diagnostics representative to enquire about the expected availability timeline for your country.

c 703 close-up picture
cobas® c 703 analytical unit

Designed to double the clinical chemistry throughput on cobas® pro integrated solutions on a similar footprint

cobas® c 703 will complement the existing cobas® c 503 and cobas® e 801 analytical units and the new to be launched cobas® ISE neo to reach even higher throughput levels, designed for fast and efficient clinical chemistry analysis.

The new cobas® c 703 is designed to achieve a throughput of up to 2000 tests per hour and to offer 70 reagent positions. Anticipated innovative features include automated maintenance, intelligent and continuous reagent loading, and reduced calibration efforts, intended to simplify operations, minimize hands-on work, and help manage a high sample workload in the lab.1

cobas® ISE neo analytical unit *

Designed to improve ISE testing efficiency with new features

The new cobas® ISE neo analytical unit will offer two possible throughput levels, up to 900 or 1800 tests/hour,  with identical footprint.

In order to simplify operation, reduce system downtime, and improve overall system workflow, cobas®  ISE neo will be completely independent of the clinical chemistry unit. Thanks to many innovative hardware and software solutions,  it will offer significantly reduced hands-on maintenance times and an automated calibration concept. In addition, the cobas® ISE neo is intended to perform more tests per reagent bottle, reducing the frequency of bottle changes, minimizing plastic waste, and reducing logistical efforts, compared to previous generation systems, thus greatly simplifying reagent management.1

ISE neo picture
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*The ISE analytical unit uses 3 ion-selective electrodes (ISE) and a reference electrode to determine the concentration of sodium (Na+ ), potassium (K+ ), and chloride (Cl-)  ions in diluted samples.


  1. Data on file. Roche Diagnostics International Ltd
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