Roche launches new BenchMark ULTRA PLUS system for cancer diagnostics enabling timely, targeted patient care

  • The BenchMark ULTRA PLUS tissue staining system, with optimised workflow, testing efficiency and environmentally sustainable features, enables pathologists to provide high-quality, time-critical results to doctors and patients.
  • With laboratory diagnostics involved in more than two-thirds of healthcare decision making, innovative laboratory solutions that enable an accurate and timely diagnosis are crucial to successful treatment.
  • About 17 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed worldwide each year, and nearly 10 million people die from the disease.1


Basel, 29 June 2022 - Roche (SIX: RO, ROG; OTCQX: RHHBY) today announced the launch of the BenchMark ULTRA PLUS system, its newest advanced tissue staining platform. The system enables quick and accurate test results so clinicians can make timely decisions regarding a patient’s care journey.


With the BenchMark ULTRA PLUS, we are pleased to offer an advanced tissue staining platform, co-developed with lab professionals. Waiting for a diagnosis is often one of the most stressful times for patients. This system enables pathologists to provide quick and accurate results that help inform patient treatment options.

said Thomas Schinecker, CEO Roche Diagnostics.

Cancer and other abnormal cells can be characterised by biochemical markers from within the cells. By applying chemical solutions to tissue on glass slides with the BenchMark ULTRA PLUS, a healthcare professional can identify these markers to determine the presence or absence of key drivers that feed the unhealthy cells and, in many cases, the type of therapy that could be used to combat them.

The new BenchMark ULTRA PLUS system continues the evolution of the BenchMark series, which revolutionised cancer diagnostics by fully automating processes that used to be performed manually, one slide at a time.

Lab personnel will be able to manage their activities more efficiently as a result of simplified software and streamlined productivity and quality control. These enhancements can help support the quicker delivery of test results for patients who are waiting for a diagnosis.

The new system has several innovations such as new intuitive software, remote monitoring features, an integrated touchscreen for a more optimised user experience, and a more environmentally sustainable waste system and product packaging.

The BenchMark ULTRA PLUS system will be available to European Union countries in July 2022 and to the United States and in the Asia-Pacific market in September 2022, followed by a worldwide roll out in 2023.



About the BenchMark ULTRA PLUS system


The BenchMark ULTRA PLUS system (including hardware, software and assays) leverages the success of the current BenchMark series of IHC/ISH advanced staining platforms. It is built upon the proven technology of the BenchMark ULTRA system to deliver an enhanced lab experience. The BenchMark ULTRA PLUS system provides optimised workflow and flexible solutions, helping the anatomic pathology lab manage their activities efficiently and confidently, while selecting options that work best for their lab.

BenchMark ULTRA was the first advanced staining instrument to provide true, single-piece flow. BenchMark ULTRA PLUS pushes the envelope even further with its improved VENTANA System Software, which enhances quality control, inventory management and overall user experience due to its modern architecture. The BenchMark ULTRA PLUS incorporates several additional innovative features based on customer feedback, including remote monitoring with a connected device, new indicator lights, a retractable work surface, new slide drawers (that mitigate fluid ingress/egress), a new integrated touchscreen and more environmentally friendly waste segregation and degradation. Sustainable packaging uses 40% fewer raw materials and weighs less to provide a smaller carbon footprint while being transported. The system is manufactured using innovative and efficient assembly practices to ensure product quality and delivery.


About Roche

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