cobas® c 501 module

cobas c 501 module for clinical chemistry

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
cobas c 501 module
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First class performance
  • Over 130 assays and applications available (including 3 ISE determinations and 3 serum indices)
  • Up to 60 assays can be run at a throughput of up to 1000 tests/h
Intelligent sample workflow
  • Automatic determination of sample integrity 
  • Automatic sample dilution and rerun capabilities
  • STAT sample processing within less than 2 min 
Unique reagent concept
  • Convenient and error-free handling of cobas c packs
  • Economic usage with high stabilities and convenient kit sizes
High system reliability
  • Automated maintenance functions 
  • Low system maintenance time
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cobas® 6000 analyzer series

The success story continues

The cobas 6000 analyzer series is composed of a core unit and a combination of up to 3 analytical modules to best suit your needs


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  • Testing capabilities

    Clinical chemistry, ISE, HbA1c (whole blood measurement)

  • Throughput

    Up to 1000 tests/h (combined photometric and ISE tests)

  • Samples

    Serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), supernatant (hemolysate)

    Automated sample rerun and dilution

  • Test integrity measures

    Contact-free ultrasonic mixing

    Determination of serum indices (lipemic, hemolytic, icteric)

    Clot and liquid level detection

  • Reagents

    Up to 60 reagent cassette positions

    Automated cassette management system (ie. registration, internal transportation, placement, and disposal)

    Automatic reagent cassette loading and unloading

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