cobas® 8000 modular analyzer series

Take your lab's performance to the peak

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
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Take your lab’s performance to the peak.

While your lab is facing rising complexity and unpredictability, it is also facing intensifying pressure to deliver. Reliability of your analyzer and vendor are not just a convenience - they are critical to maximizing your lab’s success and upholding the standard of care to which you aspire.

cobas 8000 modular analyzer series is a scalable module based serum work area (SWA) solution for a wide range of in vitro diagnostics testing of clinical chemistry & immunochemistry designed for high throughput laboratories.

With cobas 8000 modular analyzer series, your lab will reach a new height of performance. This means unprecedented productivity and distinctive uptime, the broadest assay menu on one consolidated platform1 and continuous access to breakthrough assays that let you stay at the forefront of the industry. With the cobas 8000 modular analyzer series and Roche’s commitment to innovation, you can take your lab’s performance to the peak.

What does it take to bring your lab's performance to the peak?
Your time is precious - We help you use it wisely

In the lab, every minute counts – for you and your team, for the physician and the healthcare institution, for the patient and their family. Any inefficiencies and unexpected interruptions result in delays which are costly.

This is why the cobas 8000 modular analyzer series is designed to help you:

  • Ensure non-stop operation through exceptional uptime (> 99%)2 proven by more than 9000 installations worldwide
  • Get answers fast with short and predictable turnaround times3
  • Put time on your side with easy and less frequent calibration4
  • Maximize walk away time with remote monitoring through cobas® mobile solution
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Your space is limited - We help you make the best of it

Growth brings opportunities but also challenges. While working to expand testing services and increase revenue you may ask yourself: how can you handle the higher volumes in the most cost- and space-efficient way?

The cobas 8000 modular analyzer series is designed to deliver true productivity for your lab and enable you to:

  • Boost your efficiency with the highest throughput per square meter for SWA5
  • Increase revenue through expanded testing services with the broadest SWA assay menu consolidated on a single platform1
  • Grow sustainably with a scalable tailor-made solution offering more than 130 configurations
People in laboratory
Your team is pushed to their limits - We help them focus on the tasks that matter

With increasing pressure to deliver from many different angles, keeping your team engaged and focused on the tasks that really matter is difficult but of paramount importance for your lab’s success.

cobas 8000 modular analyzer series is designed to eliminate hurdles that can cause unnecessary stress by helping you to:

  • Ensure peace of mind for your team with reliable and safe solutions 
  • Reduce tedious manual work with ready to use reagents and integration into lab automation
  • Enable your team to work more efficiently through standardized solutions
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Your future is unpredictable - We help you succeed through continuous access to innovations

Choosing the right solution and vendor to partner with is not a small undertaking – it is a choice that impacts your lab’s ability to fulfill performance and quality standards but also your ability to remain competitive.

At Roche, we believe in the power of innovation to advance and improve diagnostics possibilities and accessibility – for a better future of the patients and your lab. This is why we are committed to:

  • High investment in R&D – Roche continuously ranks as the number 1 R&D investor in the life sciences industry6
  • Focus on pioneering lab solutions that redefine what is possible – maintaining our track record of the last decades
Analytical units and modules for the cobas® 8000 modular analyzer series

The cobas 8000 modular analyzer series offers immunochemistry modules, clinical chemistry modules and ISE modules designed to address different throughput and workflow laboratory needs.


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