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Donor screening

Blood transfusions and plasma derived therapeutics help to save lives every day

Ensuring access to a sufficient and safe supply of blood and blood-derived products is a challenge. As the global leader and the single provider for a complete donor screening solution to blood centers and plasma fractionators worldwide*, Roche recognizes this challenge and is committed to keeping the blood and plasma supply safe. To this end, we:

  • Provide the most comprehensive blood screening solution to ensure a safe blood and plasma supply and help preserve the donor population
  • Have strong collaborative partnerships to anticipate emerging needs and bring rapid solutions to market
  • Provide customized solutions based on individual needs and improvements to tackle existing and future challenges
  • Spearhead technological innovations to continuously deliver new cutting-edge solutions aimed at increasing safety
Trusted by blood and plasma institutions woldwide

Choosing Roche as a partner means working with an organisation that is trusted and whose solutions have been and are successfully used all over the world. Roche has been dedicated to blood screening since 1998 and more than 400 screening centres globally choose to partner with us. In 2015 over 50m Blood and plasma donations were tested on Roche systems.

Roche offers the a comprehensive screening solution for donor safety and is the only single provider for Serology, NAT, Lab Automation and IT solution to blood centers and plasma fractionators worldwide.*

By combining highly sensitive and specific NAT and state-of-the art serology assays with fully integrated automated solutions, we provide a comprehensive detection of potentially infectious blood donations. 

Through consultancy partnerships and decades of experience in lab automation and building integrated labs we can provide customized and scalable automated solutions for blood screening.

Listen to what our customers around the world say about our blood screening solutions.
A complete solution for donor screening, designed to work together for maximum efficiency

Partner with Roche, the only company that can provide you with a solution for serology and NAT with lab automation validated for NAT blood screening. Experience increased workflow efficiencies and reduced risk of manual handling errors with our integrated nucleic acid testing and serology solutions.

Explore Roche's donor screening solutions

A comprehensive and flexible offering of blood and plasma screening solutions for early detection of transfusion-transmissible infections and for ensuring transfusion safety. From laboratory automation and software solutions to Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) and serology testing solutions and healthcare consulting, Roche covers the whole gamut of blood screening needs.

*Products of the Roche Blood Safety Solutions portfolio are not commercially available in all regions. Please contact your local Roche representative regarding availability. Serology portfolio in addition is not available in USA, Canada and Philippines. The CCM variant is not cleared in the US for blood donor screening. For cobas p 312, cobas p 512 and cobas p 612 used in US blood establishments, the IT solution is limited to Data Innovations.


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Leading the way in blood screening across the world
Safety and reliability
Safety and reliability

Complete solution – safe blood and plasma supply to help preserve donor population

Highly sensitive and specific assays – reliable detection at the earliest stage of infection and comprehensive genotype coverage

Partnership and collaboration
Partnership and collaboration

Optimized solutions –tailor-made and fully integrated solutions to meet individual laboratory needs

Engagement and flexibility – active engagement with customers and leaders in blood and plasma safety to assess emerging challenges and bringing rapid, collaborative solutions

Vision and leadership
Vision and leadership

Innovative technologies – providing novel solutions to today’s problems and anticipating tomorrow’s needs to rapidly develop solutions when necessary

Experience – more than three decades of demonstrated experience in providing diagnostic tests, automated solutions and integrated laboratories

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