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Roche Digital Diagnostics

What if solving a business need addressed a patient need?

Healthcare is facing pressure to do more with less - from resources and budget, to staffing and time. While some are attempting to solve healthcare challenges with IT solutions, Roche is bringing healthcare thinking to technology.

We call this Roche Digital Diagnostics.

Developed to directly impact patient lives, this suite of specialized solutions combines innovative technology, data analytics, and deep healthcare expertise to generate actionable insights for meaningful outcomes.

Sustainability is a growing concern in healthcare


Health systems need to shift from volume to value.

Addressing key healthcare challenges - the rise of digitalization, aging populations, declining reimbursement, shortage of skilled staff - requires a value-based approach. The Institute of Healthcare Improvements developed a roadmap for this transformation, called Triple Aim of Healthcare.

Roche Digital Diagnostics is the realization of this vision. By optimizing the use of healthcare data, Roche and their customers can better meet changing demands and, ultimately, improve patient care.

* Source: Institute of Healthcare Improvements (IHI) Accessed April 1, 2021

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