Hours of work-away time with automated workflow

Global success stories in automated pre-analytics

Laboratories located around the world are embracing innovation and introducing fully automated pre-analytical systems to their molecular workflow. Explore the perspectives of three of our customers on their before-and-after experiences and success stories so far.

Dive deep and find out how automated pre-analytics users are increasing automation by up to 90%* and work away time from minutes to hours in order to address their increasing staffing shortages and testing volumes. In doing so, they are increasingly navigating the growing demands of the healthcare industry and streamlining molecular workflows.

*May vary based on assay availability in your country
**Results may vary based on individual lab set up and needs

What happens when automation reduces your staff hands on time by more than 90%**?

Vall d'Hebron, Barcelona, Spain before-and-after story
Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona, Spain

The large network laboratory considered to be one of the most complex in Europe experienced tremendous time savings once they adopted a fully-automated pre-analytics workflow.

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Now it’s a completely open environment where people and processes can pass through freely. We’re beyond happy. It’s fantastic

Francisco Rodriguez Frias, Molecular Area Head, Vall d’Hebron

Medilab, Salzburg, Austria before-and-after story
Medilab, Salzburg, Austria

Keeping the patient at the heart of every decision made adopting a fully-automated pre-analytics solution the best choice for the Medilab Molecular team. This large single-site private laboratory saw drastic reductions in hands-on time which enabled their team to focus more on value adding tasks instead of pipetting.

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By increasing speed with fully automated solutions and Roche Healthcare Consulting, we succeeded in providing patients with the best possible care

Dr. Maria Elisabeth Mustafa, Medicinal Head, Medilab

MVZ Labor, Wurselen, Germany
MVZ Labor, Wurselen, Germany

Find out how MVZ Labor, large lab within an integrated national laboratory network, was able to significantly reduce sources of error, reduce contamination, save time and ultimately allow them to rethink their molecular laboratory strategy and redefine and expand their molecular offering.

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We will continuously focus on the molecular track and this will be one of the main components for our future business development

Joseph Van Helde, Director, MVZ Labor

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Meet the growing demands on your laboratory by adding a fully automated pre-analytical system to your molecular workflow, enhancing efficiency and paving the way for tomorrow’s performance, today.


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