Donor screening solutions

Blood transfusions and plasma derived therapeutics help to save lives every day

Ensuring access to a sufficient and safe supply of whole blood and plasma products is a challenge1. As a global leader and the single provider for a complete donor screening solution to blood centers and plasma fractionators worldwide, Roche recognizes this challenge and is committed to keeping the blood and plasma supply safe. To this end, we:

  • Provide the most comprehensive donor screening solution
  • Engage in active surveillance of emerging pathogens 
  • Partner with leaders in the field of blood safety to develop innovative solutions
  • Offer healthcare consulting to optimize each individual laboratory's solution
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A complete blood safety solution, designed to work together for maximum efficiency

Partner with Roche, the only provider of a donor screening solution that integrates NAT, serology, lab automation and software solutions. Experience the simplicity of leveraging a 1-provider solution that increases workflow efficiencies and reduces the risk of manual handling errors. Roche offers the most comprehensive solution for whole blood and plasma screening.

Over 60 million blood and plasma donations are tested on Roche NAT systems today.2

Donor Screening Solutions - Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT)

From launching the first Nucleic Acid Testing assays for blood screening, Roche has consistently remained in the forefront in keeping the blood supply safe through active surveillance of emerging infections and through rapid development of screening solutions.

Roche NAT instruments, assays and reagents have been developed using the gold standard real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR ) technology, a very sensitive and high-performing technology that detects DNA and RNA molecules of infectious agents such as HIV, HCV and HBV at an early stage of an infection. Easily integrated into pre- and post-analytic solutions they enable donor screening facilities to fully automate operations, boost throughput and achieve quicker turnaround times - leading to greater overall workflow efficiency.

Roche’s state-of-the-art NAT assays provide comprehensive genotype coverage and excellent sensitivity. Together with analyzers that provide efficient workflows, they deliver fast results. Roche’s leading molecular diagnostic solutions deliver predictable operational outcomes for laboratories and help reduce the risk of disease transmission and adverse health effects in patients.



Comprehensive genotype coverage – ensuring reliable detection and safe blood supply

High specificity and sensitivity - Less retesting and minimized loss of donors and donations



Automated analyzers and workflow – reducing cross contamination and providing up to 8 hours walk-away time leading to overall workflow efficiency

Data management options – for simplified order and result handling

Reliability in results
Reliability in results


Proven real-time PCR technology – ensuring reliable results

Automated sample handling solutions and user-friendly interface – reduction in manual handling errors

Donor Screening Solutions - Serology

Roche Diagnostics serology assays and instruments can be used to perform a broad range of immunoassays and offer various options to suit your throughput needs.

Roche Elecsys® assays include highly specific and sensitive serology tests to detect infectious diseases. The test is based on ECL (ElectroChemiLuminescence) technology and delivers reliable results.3-10 All serology screening assays detect the major viral genotypes and variants found worldwide. They show very high seroconversion sensitivity, and their very high specificity and clear cut-off separation of positive and negative results reduces the need for retesting.3-10

Ensuring patient safety during blood transfusions
Ensuring patient safety during blood transfusions


Comprehensive variant coverage to ensure reliable detection of infectious samples3-10

Excellent sensitivity to allow for detection of early infections3-10

Automated sample handling reduces risk of manual handling errors

Improving efficiency by automating screening tests
Improving efficiency by automating screening tests


Decrease the need for retesting and minimize loss of donations due to high specificity of Elecsys® assays3-10

Allow your staff to focus on important tasks by achieving up to 5 hours of walkaway time2

Supporting a consistent and reliable blood supply
Supporting a consistent and reliable blood supply


Optimized uptime (>99,2%)of cobas® instruments that ensure the timely release of blood products

Validated workflows for cross-contamination compliance11

Assurance in service with skilled local Roche support teams available when you need them

Blood screening
Trusted by blood and plasma institutions worldwide

Choosing Roche as a partner means working with an organization that is trusted and whose solutions have been and are successfully used all over the world. Roche has been dedicated to blood screening since 1998 and leading blood screening centers globally choose to partner with us.2

Roche has a strong heritage in infectious diseases and the assays offered for blood screening leverage innovative technologies specifically developed for our serology and nucleic acid testing (NAT) platforms.

Laboratory automation and software solutions offered by Roche simplify, streamline and standardize the blood screening process. They support seamless connectivity and traceability at all levels of throughput, allowing reduction in errors, more consistent results, and ultimately more control over your laboratory's process.

By combining highly sensitive and specific NAT and state-of-the-art serology assays with fully integrated automation solutions, we provide scalable, powerful infectious disease screening configurations that grow with you.

Listen to what our customers around the world say about our blood screening solutions.


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