Leveraging the lab to successfully transform healthcare

Re-evaluating the lab as a trusted partner to help overcome top challenges

Healthcare systems worldwide face a glaring contradiction: deliver better care at lower costs. To achieve sustainable and long term success, healthcare organisations must evolve and begin to look at clinical labs as a partner. In parallel, labs must rise to the challenge.1


A problem shared is a problem halved


When asked what were the top organisational challenges facing healthcare executives and lab leaders, financial challenges were overwhelmingly the greatest concern for both groups.1 Secondary concerns were also similar and included government mandates, personnel shortages, patient safety & quality, and patient satisfaction.1

Ranked “Top Three” Organisational Challenges1

Despite these challenges, executives and lab leaders also agreed on a number of opportunities that labs uniquely have to help overcome them.The strategies can potentially help to better manage costs, stay on top of ever-changing regulations and mandates, add value by offering increased services, and decrease manual tasks for staff.

Organizational Challenges

Transformation starts here


6 strategies that healthcare executives and lab leaders recommend to help overcome top challenges.1



Develop lean processes that better manage costs, resources, and lab supplies 

Automated equipent


Invest in new generation equipment that automates manual tasks to reduce hands-on time for operators




Increase in-house testing



Let ordering physicians know which tests are reimbursable



Provide continuous education for your team to help improve employee performance, satisfaction, and adherence to quality standards



Set up protocols to stay compliant across the organisation


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