Responding to the Zika outbreak in Brazil with the Roche FLOW Solution

At the peak of the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil, Sabin laboratory developed a multiplex test to address the rapidly growing need.

Known as one of Brazil’s leading labs, Sabin laboratory features a world-class research and development department. The success of their single-sample Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya assay presented them with a significant challenge.

Within the first month, overwhelming popularity of the test placed tremendous burden on laboratory employees, illustrating the need to automate the workflow.

Customer case study: Sabin laboratory
Today, Sabin laboratory is well-prepared to address the current and future needs of their customers with the addition of the cobas® 6800 System.

Their recent integration of the cobas® 6800 System improved overall testing flexibility, automation, and efficiency. This addition simultaneously increased throughput for the laboratory, decreased time-to-result for patients, and favourably positioned the laboratory to address future outbreaks and epidemics.

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FLOW Solution

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