Digital technologies are accelerating change in healthcare

Let’s meet the future together through dialogue and collaboration

Roche sponsors surveys and discussions to uncover new perspectives and share learnings around the digital technologies accelerating change in healthcare.  These activities underscore our continued interest and long-term commitment to dialogue and collaboration with others who also aim to innovate and improve healthcare for patients.


Recent activities


In 2019, Roche sponsored a study of healthcare leaders with Harvard Business Review Analytics Services (HBR AS) called: “Leading a New Era in Healthcare: Innovation through Data-Driven Diagnostics.”

In June 2020, Roche sponsored a webinar hosted by HBR AS entitled:  “Digital Diagnostic Transformation: What’s Next?”  The webinar reviewed the original survey results with two healthcare leaders in the context of today’s global healthcare challenges, which include, but are not limited to, tackling Covid-19.

At Roche, we remain committed to continuing to deliver pioneering advances in healthcare.  That is why we continue to ask our partners and ourselves: “Is there a better way?” How can we apply our healthcare knowledge to technology and thereby advance science and patient care?

Perhaps this study and webinar can offer new perspectives and insights that can help unlock transformative progress in healthcare.

Digital Diagnostics Transformation: What`s next?