Transforming oncology care with digital solutions

Establishment of a virtual expert network for molecular tumor boards



In 2020, healthcare professionals at the Marien Hospital, Wesel, Germany collaborated with Roche Healthcare Consultants to establish a standardized and digitalized molecular tumor board workflow that will enable healthcare professionals to make better-informed, evidence-based oncology care decisions.

Utilizing clinical decision support solutions and Roche Healthcare Consultants’ expert analysis of oncology care processes, a Germany-wide network of experts in precision oncology was established and a digital workflow platform for molecular tumor boards was implemented. Since the establishment of this network, multidisciplinary molecular tumor boards have successfully taken place at the Marien Hospital. In these meetings, highly complex patient cases have been discussed by oncology experts from across Germany. Data from multiple sources have been examined, including sequencing results and clinical trial information, which have enabled a comprehensive assessment of each patient. Through the coordination of people, processes, and products, this standardized digital workflow has enabled healthcare professionals to implement effective patientcentered molecular tumor boards and has formed the foundation for future changes in personalized medicine.

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Transforming oncology care with digital solutions.