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Point of Care Testing

Point of Care Testing is a special and quite unique discipline within the laboratory space. It comprises testing outside of the laboratory, near the patient.


Healthcare Transformation

In the last few years, we have seen how Point of Care Testing has become increasingly important in healthcare systems around the world, sparking a transformation in healthcare and creating efficiency in patient journeys and the patient experience.


Webinars to Inspire

To engage, learn and inspire we are organising a series of Point of Care webinars and articles from healthcare professionals all over the world.  These industry leaders will share their thoughts and experiences with Point of Care Testing.


Engaging Topics

The topics we want to share with you around Point of Care Testing are broad: from learnings on how to set up Point of Care in your facility, to quality management, the future of Point of Care Testing and the use of Point of Care in primary care.


Shared Knowledge - Your Know-How

We aim to share the knowledge and experience around Point of Care Testing with a global audience where there is the opportunity to ask questions, and exchange ideas. You will have the opportunity to interact with these Key Opinion Leaders on topics that are important to you.

All of the webinars will be recorded so you can rewatch the webinar in your own time. Additionally, we will add relevant articles around the topics we discuss in the webinar for you to further read and increase your knowledge.

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The views and opinions expressed in these webinars are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of Roche or any other sponsors.


HbA1c Point of Care testing: is it good enough for clinical practice?

Dr. Erna Lenters-Westra
European Reference Laboratory for Glycohemoglobin, Isala, Zwolle, The Netherlands

16th of February 2023

13:00 - 14:00 CET

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In this webinar you will learn more about HbA1c Point of care testing:

  • HbA1c in general
  • Standardization and Harmonization
  • Why use a POC test for HbA1c
  • The analytical performance criteria for HbA1c
  • Impact of precision and bias on interpretation
  • Current state of analytical quality for HbA1c POCT
  • More things to consider than analytical performance

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