CoaguChek® XS system

Coagulation self-testing made easy

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CoaguChek® XS system


The CoaguChek® XS system is a convenient, portable and user-friendly instrument for monitoring warfarin therapy. It determines the INR value (International Normalized Ratio) from a drop of capillary whole blood – simple, precise and reliable.

CoaguChek XS system

The CoaguChek® XS system features

I feel like I got my passport back.


The CoaguChek XS system is ready for use anywhere at any time. Patients can use it for self-monitoring at home or while on vacation.


Fast, reliable results


  • Accurate PT/INR results in one minute
  • Built-in quality control checks every strip automatically
  • Lab-comparable accuracy1


Simple fingerstick test


  • Most patients prefer having a small drop of blood (just 8 μL) taken from a fingerstick to having blood drawn from a vein3


Improved patient outcomes


  • Patients who self test have been shown to spend more time in therapeutic range and have less thrombembolic events2

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System specifications

System specifications

Amperometric (electrochemical) determination of the PT time after activation of the coagulation with human recombinant thromboplastin

  • User interface: Icon-based LCD display; on/off, mem and set buttons

INR: 0.8 - 8.0

%Quick: 120 - 5

Seconds: 9.6 - 96