cobas® c 503 analytical unit

cobas c 503 analytical unit for clinical chemistry

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
cobas c 503 analytical unit

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cobas® pro integrated solutions

cobas® pro integrated solutions

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  • Testing capabilities

    >200 applications
    Clinical chemistry, HbA1c (whole blood measurement)
    Photometric technology

  • Throughput

    Up to 1000 tests/hour

  • Samples

    Serum/plasma, whole blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), supernatant (hemolysate), other
    Automated sample rerun and dilution

  • Test integrity measures

    cobas® SonicWash
    Determination of serum indices (lipemic, hemolytic, icteric)
    Clot and liquid level detection
    Contact-free ultrasonic mixing

  • Reagents

    cobas c pack green reagent packs
    60 reagent cassette positions
    Automated cassette management system (ie. radio frequency identification (RFID) registration; internal transportation, placement, and disposal)
    Automatic reagent cassette loading and unloading during operation and standby

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