cobas® liat system

Quick, confident, control

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
cobas® liat system

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The total solution for all that you value.

If you value fast results, you may think you need to sacrifice reliability. If you value PCR-accurate results, can you still get them quickly? And how do you maintain control with decentralised testing? With results in minutes, enabling you to act now, gold-standard PCR technology and strategic connectivity putting you and your team in control, no matter where instruments are placed, you now have the flexibility for near-patient testing.

This powerful combination - only available from the leader in molecular diagnostics - forms the total point-of-care solution, ideal for confident triage and patient management in emergency rooms, primary care settings and satellite testing locations.

Start your journey with the next generation in PCR point-of-care diagnostics now
  • Small, compact design to fit any clinic, urgent care or satellite location
  • Fast results in 20 minutes or less* to support responsive treatment decisions
  • Fully automated, connected workflow for efficient device and operator management
  • Intuitive user interface with easy-to-interpret results
Point-of-care PCR workflows simplified - Sensitive, specific, and easy to use

The cobas® liat system delivers definitive results through easy and intuitive user handling, bringing you from sample preparation to results with no operator interpretation required.

operating cobas liat system

Add your patient sample to the assay tube with provided transfer pipette.

operating cobas liat system

Place the assay tube under the built-in barcode reader.

operating cobas liat system

Insert the assay tube into the cobas® liat system.

Quick, confident, control

The cobas® liat system is powered by a versatile communication engine to securely transmit data across your health network, supported by the most common standardized protocols for lab information systems (LIS) and data management systems (DMS) or middleware.

Communicate results, manage users and fully integrate all devices by connecting the cobas® liat system to a modularized point-of-care management software solution for the future - cobas® infinity POC solution.

This solution has been designed centered around the user to:

  • Centralize and optimize workflows for point-of-care coordinators and supporting functions
  • Improve quality of care and data delivery
  • Reduce resources needed for managing the system and give time back for other activities

Additionally, with cobas® infinity edge smart, you can now manage your devices anywhere and at your convenience.

cobas® infinity edge smart gives you control to:

  • Download assay scripts and core software on demand
  • Conduct on-going monitoring to empower quality control
  • Enable remote troubleshooting without sharing any PHI data

The unique combination of cobas® infinity POC and cobas® infinity edge smart, together with the cobas® liat system forms the total solution for all that you value.

Strategically integrated control

* Turnaround times vary by assay.


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