cobas® prime Pre-analytical System

cobas prime pre-analytical system
Accelerating speed and efficiency in the molecular lab

The cobas® prime Pre-analytical System is the first and only solution capable of automatically preparing the variety and volume of samples received for molecular diagnostic testing. This fully automated system consolidates, integrates and standardizes the pre-analytical process to streamline lab operations. With a significant increase in work-away time, laboratory technicians can shift their focus to higher-level challenges and opportunities.

Solve testing challenges with a single solution. Together, the cobas® prime Pre-analytical System and the cobas® 6800 or cobas® 8800 System create a Molecular Work Area (MWA). This holistic solution provides testing consolidation that enables labs of every size to achieve new levels of speed and efficiency.

End-to-end efficiency with complete automation


Eliminate virtually all manual pre-analytical steps currently performed manually within the lab.

  • Up to 86%* fewer manual touchpoints reduces the potential for human error and protects against cross contamination

  • Continuously and randomly load different molecular sample types for multiple tests into a universal tray, without presorting

*Based on a workflow configuration that includes cobas® prime Pre-analytical System connected via cobas® connection module to cobas® 6800 System. Results may vary depending on different workflows. Data on file with Roche.

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Comprehensive sample consolidation


One universal sample tray as input for a variety of sample types and tests, with no sorting or batching.

  • Fill the universal tray with samples in sample reception, then load directly into the system without any additional manual handling

  • Eliminate the need for a variety of instruments and processes, reducing training requirements and associated costs

  • An optional Process Plus Module enables the processing of additional sample types that require broader functionality, including reagent addition, heat treatment, or re-capping tubes

Single solution integration


The industry’s leading instruments converge to form a single solution that transforms your operation into a laboratory of the future.

  • Optimized to work seamlessly with cobas® 6800 and cobas® 8800 Systems and their assays

  • The system can be easily integrated as a stand-alone or as a connected pre-analytical system, depending on your workflow

  • Connection to cobas® infinity laboratory solutions extends automation, delivering one touch* molecular testing from sample receipt to archival

*Workflow combining cobas® prime Pre-analytical System, cobas® connection modules, cobas® 6800/8800 System and cobas® infinity laboratory solutions.

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Unrivaled workflow standardization


A standardized workflow brings predictability and efficiency to your laboratory's turnaround time.

  • Reliably deliver up to 1,600 samples on a single system per 8-hour shift** with predictable and efficient turnaround times

  • Improve ease of use and reduce staff training with a common user interface between pre-analytical and analytical instruments

**Tubes decapping only workflow. Data on file with Roche.

*Tubes decapping only workflow. Data on file from Roche.

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