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The cobas z 480 analyzer is a component of the modular cobas® 4800 System, and can also exist as a standalone instrument for automated amplification and detection of clinical and research assays. The cobas z 480 analyzer offers advanced real-time PCR technology for high-quality results.


Proven performance:

  • Proven high-performance, medium-to high throughput PCR platform
  • Trusted by thousands of laboratories worldwide to deliver accurate results

Fast and accurate thermal cycling:

  • Unique Therma-Base technology optimizes heat transfer for maximum uniformity and well-to-well reproducibility

High specificity:

  • Optimized filter design minimizes spectral cross talk 
  • Highly efficient capture of fluorescence signal to reduce artifacts and ensure data integrity

Automated and reliable results:


  • Automatically checks and validates PCR curve consistency
  • Proprietary Kinetic Algorithm reduces ambiguity

Manual interpretation of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) data is associated with subjectivity. To further ensure reliable results, the cobas z 480 Analyzer applies an automated advanced results algorithm that interprets three key aspects of PCR data:


Growth curve shape


Growth curve height (curve amplitude)

CT value

Cycle threshold (Ct value)

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