Combur-Test® strip

Established quality - proven to perform1,2,3,4

Combur-Test® strip
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Easy handling


Safe and hygienic strip handling - test strips are sturdy and face downwards so your fingers stay clear of the specimen while it is read.


Proven quality1,2,3,4


The unique construction technology of the Combur-Test strips avoid interference from components like glue and largely eliminate the interference of ascorbic acid, providing excellent results. Low instances of false-negatives minimize the testing time and increase the cost efficiency. The Combur-Test® strip technology offers an immediate and reliable result largely unaffected by ascorbic acid in the sample. It reduces unnecessary retesting and helps prevent false-negative results for glucose and hemoglobin with the application of an iodate impregnated mesh layer on the strip.1,2,3,4


Comparable results with systems


The Combur-Test® strips are used on all analyzers across the entire Roche urinalysis portfolio, delivering high-quality results and improved efficiency across the laboratory network.

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Three simple testing steps*

Combur-Test-astrip step1_750x422

Dip the test strip in urine for about 1 second.

Combur-Test-astrip step2

Wipe the edge against the rim of the vessel to remove excess urine when withdrawing the strip.

Combur-Test-astrip step3

After 60 seconds, compare the color of the detection pad of the strip with the color scale on the test strip vial. Strips face downwards during operation and fingers stay clear and safe from the samples

*Before using this test, please carefully read all the instructions for use in the package insert that comes with the device.



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Combur-Test® strips are branded as Chemstrip® in USA and Canada.



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