LightCycler® PRO System

Light the way from research to clinical diagnostics with the next evolution in the Roche qPCR portfolio

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
LightCycler® PRO System
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Meet the newest addition to the Roche real-time PCR portfolio

Leveraging the robustness and proven technology of the LightCycler® 4801, the  LightCycler® PRO integrates innovative technology and Roche manufacturing to deliver accurate real-time PCR results, flexible solutions to your workflow, and an improved user experience to your lab.




To give you precise and reproducible results



To support customisation and standardisation of workflows based on your lab’s unique needs

Enhanced user-experience


To optimise your operational efficiency

Explore the newest qPCR analiser for your lab's research and clinical diagnostic needs
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Have confidence in the accuracy of your results
  • Patented Vapor Chamber Mount design delivers precise temperature regulation and enhanced sensitivity.
  • Optical module design for uniform excitation, edge effect prevention, simultaneous data capture, and flexible dye options and detection formats.
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Adapt quickly to evolving testing needs
  • New 7-channel multiplexing increases hourly throughput and enables greater diversity of tests per run
  • Thermal Cycler with interchangeable 96- or 384-well plates offers variable throughput options to support your lab’s specific needs
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Optimise workflow efficiency with easy data management options
  • Large, 40 cm touchscreen improves user interface and enables easy access to workflow and data management options 
  • New software for reliable and reproducible data analysis, easy import/export of data, LIS connectivity, and remote access
Improved algorithms deliver reliable data you can depend on

The new LightCycler® PRO software optimises existing algorithms to improve functionality, performance, and precise data analysis.2

These new enhancements include:

  • A new adaptive algorithm which improves colour compensation across the 7 channels to prevent crosstalk and contaminated results. This algorithm is optimised for use with LightMix® modular assays. 
  • An updated derivative algorithm which automatically determines the Cq value from the PCR run data for confidence in results calling.
TIB Molbiol LightMix Modular Gastro Bacteria 7-target multiplexed assay

TIB Molbiol LightMix® Modular Gastro Bacteria 7-target multiplexed assay – Optimised to detect 7 different targets from a single well

TIB Molbiol LightMix Modular Gastro Bacteria 7-target multiplexed assay

LightCycler® PRO System, dilution series 10^1 to 10^8 copies, demonstrating high precision and accuracy.

Increase your lab’s testing capabilities

TIB Molbiol provides a comprehensive assay menu for both research and clinical diagnostic uses3,4,  including the LightMix® Modular Assay Kits, meticulously tailored for optimal performance on the LightCycler® PRO System, ensuring user-friendly convenience without compromising result quality, reliability, or reproducibility.

TIB Molbiol LightMix® Modular Assays  cover over 25 disease panels
Gastroenteritis Anti-microbial resistance Respiratory bacteria
Carbapamanase Parainfluenza Sexual Transmitted Infections
Coronaviruses Virus Neonatal
Parasites Filovirus Atypical Pneumonia
Bacterial Pathogens Respiratory virus Genetics
Influenza Herpes Bacterial Meningitis


  1. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
  2. Data on file with Roche. V&V Report: DH-02714.04-500B.
  3. Some assays are only available through TIB Molbiol or Roche. 
  4. Assay availability varies by country. Contact your local representative for more information.


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