VENTANA® Kappa and Lambda Dual ISH mRNA Probe Cocktail


IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
VENTANA<sup>®</sup> Kappa and Lambda Dual ISH mRNA Probe Cocktail
An ultra sensitive kappa & lambda multiplex ISH assay to aid in the diagnosis of all B-cell lymphomas and plasma cell neoplasms

The VENTANA® Kappa and Lambda Dual ISH mRNA Probe Cocktail is a dual color assay that enables clonality assessment in all B-cell lymphoma subtypes and plasma cell neoplasms. An innovative assay that offers enhanced sensitivity and specificity for assessing kappa and lambda light chains across all B-cell lymphoma subtypes. This groundbreaking assay provides a superior diagnostic option compared to existing ISH and IHC assays on the market and offers an effective alternative to flow cytometry, greatly improving diagnostic testing in hematopathology. 1,2

  • High Sensitivity: Improved technology ensures highly sensitive detection of kappa and lambda chains compared to some existing ISH/IHC assays2
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Capable of assessing kappa and lambda clonality in all B-cell lymphoma subtypes, not just multiple myeloma.
  • Enhanced Workflow: Two-color multiplexing allows for kappa and lambda to be evaluated on the same slide, saving time and conserving tissue.
  • Improved Specificity: Reduces non-specific background staining commonly seen with traditional IHC.4
  • Formalin-Fixed Tissue Compatible: Suitable for use with formalin-fixed samples, overcoming the limitations of flow cytometry

Roche offers an extensive Heme portfolio with more than 60 ready-to-use markers that are optimised for use on our BenchMark instruments.3 With the launch of VENTANA Kappa and Lambda Dual ISH, Roche demonstrates its commitment to invest in innovative technology that advances science in the hematopathology space and improves patient care.


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