Roche NT-proBNP

The gold standard biomarker in Heart Failure

Elecsys® NT-proBNP

Heart failure is a chronic condition affecting millions of patients worldwide, and despite the treatments available, hospitalisation and mortality rates remain high.1

HF is associated with high morbidity and mortality

  • 1 in 5 patients die within 1 year of diagnosis, with sudden cardiac death occurring at 6 to 9 times the rate of the general population2
  • More than 1 in 2 patients die within 5 years, with survival rates worse than major cancers like bowel, breast and prostate cancer1


Improved management of HF is the key to improved patient outcomes and quality of life1,3,4


From diagnosis to disease monitoring – HF management can be challenging.

  • HF diagnosis can be challenging
  • HF hospitalization remains a burden for patients and society
  • HF long term management can be improved
Understanding heart failure

Understanding heart failure

Heart failure is a chronic condition affecting millions of patients worldwide, and despite the treatments available, hospitalisation and mortality rates remain high.1

Roche NT-proBNP - available where needed all along the continuum of care in heart failure

With over 15 years of clinical evidence generation and proven clinical use, you can trust Roche NT-proBNP to support your clinical decision making at every stage of care in heart failure5-6



Initial test for diagnosis before echocardiography in the acute and non-acute settings

In-hospital management

In-hospital management

Prognostic biomarker to assess disease severity at admission and to support discharge planning

Disease monitoring

Disease monitoring

Biomarker to monitor over time disease progression or patient status improvement

  • Roche NT-proBNP has clinically validated cut-offs for the diagnosis of heart failure to support clinical interpretation7-12
  • Roche NT-proBNP is the only NT-proBNP that has been tested in PARADIGM-HF and for which interpretation in this setting has been clinically validated13
  • Roche NT-proBNP is clinically validated and can support your decision making in heart failure diagnosis procedures in both the non-acute and acute settings13
  • Roche NT-proBNP is available in the laboratory on cobas e modules and at the point of care with cobas h 232

Roche NT-proBNP

  • Assay Time

    9 min as STAT assay

  • Sample Material

    standard serum and heparin/EDTA plasma

  • Sample Volume

    50 μL

  • Measuring Range

    5 - 35,000 ng/L

  • Intermediate precision

    2.9 - 6.1 %

  • Sample stability

    3 days at room temperature and even longer on 4°C



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