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A comprehensive infectious diseases portfolio from Roche

Roche Diagnostics offers a comprehensive portfolio of infectious diseases assays along the continuum of care, thereby enabling laboratories to provide the right information, from screening and diagnosis to patient management and treatment monitoring.

Our complete Infectious Diseases offer includes serology and also molecular testing which, thanks to our Personalized Lab Automation solutions can be configured, connected and integrated to suit the requirements of any laboratory.


An expanding portfolio


Our extensive infectious diseases portfolio is expanding every year. We are not only focusing on launching new parameters but we are also continuously updating our existing portfolio seeking continuous improvement, as well as keeping pace with the evolution of pathogens.


Roche’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Our commitment to help put a stop to the COVID-19 pandemic

RMD_Molecular Home Assay_Respiratory
Respiratory tract infections


RMD_Molecular Home Assay_Hospital Acquired Infections
Antimicrobial resistance


RMD_Molecular Home Assay_Seasonal
Vector borne diseases


RMD_Molecular Home Assay_Transplant
Transplant-transmitted infections


RMD_Molecular Home Assay_Hospital Acquired Infections
Hospital-acquired infections


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