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Digital health solutions

Imagine more connected healthcare settings and agile diagnostic labs, where digital technologies unlock new possibilities for better care.

Every area along the healthcare continuum is facing pressure to do more with less — from the C-suite to medical laboratories to the operating suite, and from the clinic exam room to the patient’s home.

At the same time, patient care is fundamentally changing. Individuals face the twin threats of rising rates of chronic conditions and the emergence of novel diseases. But digital solutions enable patients and healthcare systems to take early preventive action, manage disease in a personalised way and can identify patterns and trends in a population's health. 

Today, navify digital solutions are helping to meet these significant expectations by unleashing the power of digital transformation. 

Combining the power of advanced technology, data analytics and healthcare expertise, we are shaping and orchestrating healthcare ecosystems, providing end-to-end integrated, secure and cohesive solutions that deliver data-driven insights to enhance efficiency and help improve patient care.


Connected insights for better care. It's personal.


In shifting a focus on volume to a value-based approach to care, laboratory management and healthcare systems–including all healthcare delivery settings–face many significant shared challenges. These include disconnected data sources and laboratory information systems, declining reimbursement and a shortage of skilled staff.

navify® digital solutions from Roche Diagnostics help address these challenges by combining connectivity, interoperability and data privacy/security in an open and secure ecosystem, enabling confident, timely healthcare decisions that improve patient care, while also helping drive operational, clinical and financial value. 

Patient centricity


  • Bringing care to patients: Healthcare is being decentralized, from bringing patients to care to bringing care to people wherever they are across the patient journey. Healthcare systems are shifting focus, to connect patients and data across healthcare settings, improving operational efficiency and access to quality care at the right cost.
  • Facilitating access to the right patient data at the right time: Disconnected patient data may delay important insights that guide patient care. Healthcare professionals require convenient, decentralized access to the right laboratory data and patient records and data to inform confident decisions across the care continuum, helping to reach patients where they are.


  • Enable transition to patient-centric care: We want to help customers unlock opportunities by connecting data from lab tests with providers. With navify connectivity solutions supporting their business, Roche helps customers leading the transition to become more patient-centric.




  • Bringing healthcare thinking to technology to enable value-based care: Healthscience combines scientific knowledge and deep understanding of healthcare systems. At Roche, we bring healthcare thinking and scientific discipline to technical innovation, delivering connected, digital technologies that enable valuable, timely insights.


  • Providing contextual insights: navify connects and integrates patient data holistically from multiple sources across the care settings, helping healthcare professionals derive meaningful insights that drive efficient process management and more personalized patient care.


  • Enabling value-based care models: By providing robust evidence of the clinical, operational and financial impact of our digital solutions, we enable customers to move effectively towards value-based care models.


Open ecosystem


  • Collaboration and co-creation to accelerate access to innovation: The digital transformation in healthcare is a big and complex challenge. That’s why we co-create with collaborators — third parties, startups and innovators in Digital health — to simplify and accelerate access to innovation.


  • Interoperable and secure ecosystem: Our navify digital solutions are built on an open, interoperable and secure ecosystem architecture, offering customers peace of mind with being able to leverage the latest innovation securely, together with the support of Roche’s unparalleled healthcare expertise.

* Source: Institute of Healthcare Improvements (IHI) Accessed April 1, 2021

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