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Viral hepatitis, i.e. inflammation of the liver due to a viral infection, is a global health burden. The most common causes are infection with hepatitis A virus (HAV), HBV, HCV, HDV, and HEV.1 The epidemic of viral Hepatitis B and C affects 325 million people globally of which 290 million are unaware of infection.2

According to the World Health Organization, viral hepatitis caused 1.34 million deaths worldwide in 2015, which is equal to or greater than the number of yearly deaths caused by malaria, tuberculosis or immunodeficiency virus (HIV).3 By 2040, deaths from viral hepatitis are projected to exceed the combined mortality associated with HIV infection, tuberculosis, and malaria.4

Many cases of acute and chronic hepatitis are asymptomatic, increasing the risk of developing severe liver disease and transmission. Integrated and comprehensive diagnostic solutions are required for providing a continuum of care in hepatitis.5

Hepatitis can be an acute (lasting less than six months) or chronic (lasting longer than six months) condition. Many cases of acute hepatitis are asymptomatic, so patients often do not know that they have been infected. Patients with chronic hepatitis frequently exhibit no symptoms, but the condition can progress to very severe disease such as cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma and end-stage liver failure.

Roche's comprehensive viral hepatitis portfolio includes clinical chemistry assays for assessing liver function, serology-based testing for screening and diagnosis, molecular testing for confirmation and viral load monitoring of active infection, and HCV genotyping to assess a patient's response to treatment.



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