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IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
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The cobas 4000 analyzer series is a comprehensive serum work area solution for clinical chemistry and immunochemistry testing in low volume labs or specialized testing environments.

Designed with the flexibility to expand operations for busier workloads, the cobas 4000 analyzer series can process 50 to 400 samples per day. In addition, access to Roche's broad and growing assay menu ensures the necessary tests are available for your patients when needed.

Partner with a company that has a proven track record of pioneering lab solutions and a focus on innovation. 

Count on high system reliability

The cobas 4000 analyzer series provides peace of mind with premium quality results to support vital clinical decision making.

  • Ensure sample integrity with:
    • Test-specific serum indices
    • Clot detection
    • Contact-free ultrasonic mixing
  • Deliver confidence with Roche’s robust performance standards in a broad number of assays
    • > 220 tests on one system
  • Attain exceptional uptime of > 99%1 with a highly reliable system based on more than 35 years of experience
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Increase your efficiency

The scalable and intelligent design of the cobas 4000 analyzer series allows you to increase your productivity and efficiency based on your testing needs.

  • Achieve the testing capacity you need with 3 possible system configurations
  • Allow for combined STAT and routine testing without disruption when time is critical
    • 9 minute STAT applications
  • Get results fast with short and predictable turnaround times
Optimize your workflow

The innovative design elements of the cobas 4000 analyzer series streamline the workflow and allow for efficient standardization of processes.

  • Achieve next level efficiency via the cobas® infinity standardized 3R (Request, Result, Reporting) solution 
  • Support standardized solutions for your lab and lab network 
    • Convenient and ready-to-use reagent concept
    • Disposable immunoassay tips and cups
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cobas® modular analyzer series

Which analyzer system will best fit your needs?

Roche offers integrated and modular clinical chemistry and immunochemistry testing solutions. Find out which analyzer system will best fit your needs.


  1. Calculation: (365 days / Mean time Between Repair Visit) x (Mean Time for Repair Visit + Travel Time) - Data on file. Roche Diagnostics International Ltd


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