cobas® 4800 System

Works the way you do. Take control of your workday.

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Works the way you do. Take control of your workday.

With walk-away automated sample preparation plus the advantage of advanced real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology for amplification and detection, the cobas® 4800 System helps labs deliver accurate and reliable results for the highest quality service and support to their clinicians and patients.

The cobas® 4800 System offers streamlined workflow efficiency, a consolidated assay menu and reliable results to instill confidence.


Enhanced Workflow efficiency


The cobas® 4800 System brings flexible sample loading to your fingertips for virology, sexual health and microbiology testing. Handling multiple types of primary and secondary vials in the same run, laboratories can improve turnaround time and control costs while eliminating errors and providing reliable, standardized results.

Ready-to-use reagents, optimized run times and simultaneous testing leads to significant time savings and increased efficiency.

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