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Each day your challenges intensify - with budget cuts and shrinking margins, you may ask yourself:
  • How can I improve efficiency without resources?
  • How can I invest in innovation and at the same time save costs?
  • How can I add value and elevate patient experience?
  • How can I manage increasing volumes of information?


Working with our team of leading experts, we will help you to identify areas for improvement.


Together, we will recognize opportunities to integrate data, resources and people to deliver the best possible care at every touch point. Discover how Roche Healthcare Consulting can help you transform your healthcare organization to achieve better outcomes and improve patient care.

Our customer centric framework has the goal to help you to uncover new opportunities with meaningful and practical application, reinforcing the quality and the patient at the core of everything you do.

Our consultants

Local experts that speak your language, understand your market and can leverage the knowledge from our global network.

Operational Effectiveness

Together, we will optimize operational performance, maximize resource utilization and enhance your value to stakeholders.

Organizational Sustainability

Enable your organization to become or remain competitive in the business of delivering healthcare and patient-driven outcomes.

Healthcare Transformation

You will learn how to change the way your organization works in response to health policies and economics to improve outcomes.

We support you to enable greater results for your entire organization while focusing on defining and measuring key performance indicators in five areas.


  • Improving employee satisfaction


  • Reducing errors
  • Improving consistency
  • Enabling best patient outcomes and satisfaction


  • Improving TAT
  • Reducing inefficiency


  • Sustainable growth
  • Improving capacity

Financial performance

  • Reducing waste
  • Improving integration

Discover new ways to overcome your challenges

Laboratories and healthcare organizations are not the same as other businesses, they work in different ways, under different regulations and always with the patient at the core.

At Roche Healthcare Consulting, we understand the importance of a tailored approach. Our years of experience and expertise have taught us the nuances of the healthcare landscape. We know that to succeed, you need industry’s best practices along with well-planned, integrated solutions that you can start implementing today.

We intimately understand the issues that you and your customers face. That is why we are prepared to help you lead the way.

Roche Diagnostics and DASA - Partnership that grows stronger

While DASA has experienced unprecedented growth and success with their integrated lab, they don’t plan on slowing down. Alessandro Veiga states, “We haven’t stopped growing. DASA has an expectation to become a global leader in diagnostic medicine throughout the world.”

DASA Group’s vision is to be the best company in the world in diagnostic medicine and one of the largest in the industry. And to realize this vision, they chose to partner with Roche Diagnostics.

Roche Diagnostics and DASA Group

PAML, USA and Roche

PAML partners with Roche Diagnostics, two companies which share the same values: "doing now what patients need next". PAML in Spokane, Washington state is one of the top reference laboratories in the USA. With PAML's pioneering spirit and Roche's innovative technologies and services, a new central lab was created based on the Roche Integrated Core Lab solutions and consulting.

PAML, USA and Roche

Salomão Zoppi Diagnostics and Roche

12 million people are living in São Paulo, making it the cultural and economical heart of Brazil. Salomão Zoppi Diagnostics counts with 11 sites in the São Paulo, this lab processed 10 million tests for over 900.000 patients in 2015 alone. What the lab looks like today is the result of a long term relationship between Roche and Salomão Zoppi.

Salomão Zoppi Diagnostics and Roche
Roche Healthcare Consulting enables you to lead the way.

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