cobas® pro integrated solutions

Simplicity meets Excellence

cobas® pro integrated solutions
Simplicity meets Excellence

You are expected to manage an increasing number of samples and provide high quality results fast. However, you are faced with limited time and space, your team is pushed to their limits, and you have to deal with a highly unpredictable future.

To help you overcome these challenges, in 2018 we proudly introduce the cobas® pro integrated solutions. Experience an unprecedented level of simplicity with a scalable and modular solution to achieve your mid to high volume clinical chemistry and immunochemistry testing needs.

Take a look at various customers feedback from around the world.

Customer Testimonials

cobas pro integrated solutions

Your time is


We help you use it wisely 

Get answers fast with short and predictable turnaround times


Boost your efficiency with fast analytical units, intelligent sample routing, and short assay incubation times. Empower your physicians to take action faster, with best-in-class 9 minutes STAT and 18 minutes routine immunochemistry assays1.


  • High speed of analytical units
  • Intelligent sample routing
  • Industry leading assay incubation times1
Free up staff time with reduced maintenance efforts


With cobas® pro integrated solutions, every effort has been made to reduce maintenance tasks to a minimum. The new and smart concept of self-operating maintenance executes maintenance tasks automatically in the background and reduces the manual burden of daily maintenance to zero for cobas c 503 analytical unit, and to only five minutes for cobas e 801 analytical unit.


  • 24 hour uninterrupted operation2
  • Continuous loading of reagents and consumables
  • Automated maintenance that requires only 8 minutes of daily operator intervention3
  • Automated calibration with cobas® AutoCal  
Women operating cobas pro analzyer

Your space is


We help you make the
best of it

Maximize reagent utilization with the industry’s longest onboard stabilities1


With up to 6 months of onboard stability for the cobas c pack green, and up to 4 months of onboard stability for the cobas e pack green.


  • Up to 6 months reagent onboard stability1,* 
  • Consolidate low and high throughput testing
  • Bring low volume testing in house
  • Minimize reagent waste
Increase revenue through expanded testing services


  • The broadest clinical chemistry and immunochemistry test menu available on one consolidated platform1
  • 222 reagent positions3
Women in a laboratory

Your team is pushed to their limits


We help them focus on the tasks that matter

Reduce tedious manual work


  • Ready to use reagents that can be directly loaded from the fridge to the analyzer
  • Seamless integration into lab automation
Ensure peace of mind with reliable and safe solutions


  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) tagged reagents and consumables

  • State-of-the-art safety features such as cobas®️ SonicWash that eliminates daily maintenance of the sample probe, assures sample integrity and reduces clot events

cobas pro integrated solutions top view

Your future is unpredictable


We help you succeed through continuous access to innovations

Standardize your lab operations with cobas®️ integrated solutions


  • Shared reagents
  • Same master applications, assay menu and technologies for consistent operation
  • Seamless by design
Deliver great medical value


  • Make a difference with the industry’s smallest sample volumes1
  • Offer an extensive and expanding assay menu in high-impact disease areas



Take a look at various customers feedback from around the world.

The movies showcase how content our customers are with the cobas® pro integrated solutions and how the new solution addresses their laboratory challenges with regard to time, space, team and future.

* Reagent onboard stability of up to 4 months for immunochemistry testing and up to 6 months for clinical chemistry testing.1




1.-2. Data on file. Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

3. cobas® pro intergrated solutions user guide. Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Germany

Analytical units can be flexibly combined to fulfil your individual needs.


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cobas pro integrated solutions front view

Sample supply unit

The sample supply unit controls and optimizes the rack movements throughout the whole instrument. It allows continuous loading and unloading of up to 300 samples and features a barcode reader and a dedicated port for STAT samples.

ISE analytical unit

The ISE analytical unit measures the concentration of sodium (Na+), potassium (K+) and chloride (Cl-). It has a throughput of up to 900 tests/hour.

cobas c 503 analytical unit

This clinical chemistry unit performs over 120 measurements of proteins, enzymes, substrates and electrolytes, direct antiglobulin tests (DATs), and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDMs).

cobas e 801 analytical unit

This unit automates over 100 Elecsys® immunoassays for a broad range of applications, plus 9-minute STAT applications for time-sensitive results.

cobas pro
cobas ISE
ISE analytical unit


The cobas ISE analytical unit measures the concentration of sodium (Na+), potassium (K+) and chloride (Cl-).


  • Sodium, potassium, chloride
  • Throughput of up to 900 tests/hour
  • ISE specific sample probe with clot detection
  • Independent processing line
cobas 8000 analyzer series clinical chemistry modules
cobas c 503 analytical unit
for clinical chemistry


Excellent performance, simple to use and beautifully designed. The cobas c 503 analytical unit brings all that it takes to set new standards in reliability, maintenance and efficiency.


  • Clinical chemistry, homogeneous immunoassays
  • Whole blood HbA1c measurement
  • Throughput of up to 1,000 tests/hour
  • 60 reagent positions
  • Continuous reagent cassette loading/unloading during operation and standby
  • Specimen integrity via serum indices, clot and liquid level detection, and cobas® SonicWash
  • Contact-free ultrasonic mixing
  • cobas® SonicWash eliminates daily maintenance of the sample probe
  • Automated calibration with cobas® AutoCal 


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cobas 8000 analyzer series clinical chemistry modules
cobas e 801 analytical unit
for immunochemistry


The cobas e 801 analytical unit combines excellence in results with the speed and efficiency that is required to fulfil the highest expectations, especially during peak hours.


  • Heterogeneous immunoassays
  • Throughput of up to 300 tests/hour
  • 48 reagent positions
  • Continuous reagent cassette loading/unloading during operation
  • Carryover-free disposable tips
  • Clot and air bubble detection


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