Molecular point of care

Healthcare worker using the Roche total point of care PCR solution

Total commitment deserves the total point-of-care PCR solution

Elevating care across your POC testing ecosystem

Your priority is your patients. Enable the answers you need to support efficient, exemplary care. Whether in an emergency room, health clinic or other point-of-care setting, the cobas® Liat® System delivers the robust solution to mobilize standardized testing with confidence through connected results and centralized oversight. Enabling greater points of access for your patients to address their health needs.

Offering a focused menu of tests targeting SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A and B, RSV, Streptococcus A and Clostridioides difficile, the goal is to ensure that you have the key solutions you need today and to bring the innovations that will continue to support you tomorrow.

Deliver timely confident diagnosis with optimized oversight and control

Gold standard PCR at POC


Gold-standard PCR at the point of care

Bring standardized connected PCR testing to each of your point of care sites.

PCR Mobilization


Mobilize PCR testing; centralize oversight 

Easily manage devices where they are needed most with the combined power of the cobas® Liat® System and cobas® infinity solutions.

Patient Satisfaction


Enhance patient care and satisfaction in key settings

Gain actionable results within the time of visit; while minimizing waiting time and follow-ups.

Primary care
Enhancing emergency care


In urgent settings, effective triage of your patients is critical. The cobas® Liat® System can support you with the actionable results you need to support patient diagnosis and reduce length of stay.

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Primary care
Empowering primary care


Confidently diagnose your patient during their visit with fast accurate PCR results from the cobas® Liat® System, exceeding your patient’s expectations.

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The total point-of-care PCR solution

Roche strives to deliver solutions designed to prioritize your patient needs today, and with innovations that help you prepare for the future.

 The cobas® Liat® System empowers care teams to deliver on your commitment through standardization, mobilization and patient satisfaction

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