Alpha Genomix Pharmogenetics (PGx) partners with Roche

Alpha Genomix opts for more flexibility and scalability


When it comes to DNA purification, experienced lab directors know that the right extraction instrument is essential to a smooth, efficient workflow.


Alpha Genomix is a specialty genetics testing lab in Atlanta, Georgia, that recently introduced the MagNA Pure 96 instrument from Roche for its PGx and LDT testing — and was able to immediately put the system’s flexibility and scalability to the test.

  • Lab type: Clinical pharmacogenetic testing
  • Lab specialities: Personalized medicine, psychiatry/ADHD, cardiology and thrombophilia, cancer drug sensitivity
  • Key needs: High-performance DNA extraction with excellent scalability
  • Highlighted solutions: Roche MagNA Pure 96 System
  • Case study format: Video


The bottom line is, when someone is selecting a DNA extraction platform, they have to be very specific and very selective in their choice, because it’s likely that the entire workflow depends on the quality and the yield that that instrument produces.  
Dr. Tariq Adwan – Director of Research and Development, Alpha Genomix