Checklist: 10 steps to a safe and relaxing vacation

Checklist: 10 steps to a safe and relaxing vacation
  1. Visit your doctor to discuss your trip (risks, vaccinations, precautionary measures).

  2. Clarify medical care options at your destination.

  3. Take out an international travel health insurance policy and clarify coverage of costs in the case of possible treatment.

  4. Pack a sufficient supply of anticoagulant medications.

  5. Organize a list of emergency telephone numbers at the holiday destination.

  6. Pack necessities in your hand luggage (anticoagulants and other medications, medical alert tag or ID, health insurance documents, physician’s letter; monitoring device and accessories, when required).

  7. Wear comfortable clothing when travelling and remember compression stockings, sufficient liquids, and regular movement, as are recommended for thrombosis patients.

  8. Find out the location of the nearest doctor at your holiday destination.

  9. If you have a self-testing device, monitor your INR value more frequently when travelling than at home. If your INR changes suddenly (either an increase or decrease) you should try and have this checked via a blood test at the local hospital.

  10. The same rules apply to the consumption of alcohol while on holiday as they do when at home.


Enjoy a relaxing vacation and discover the world!