Labor Berlin integrates LDT to build their molecular diagnostics portfolio

Roche enables Europe’s largest clinical laboratory to master throughput increase

Founded in 2011, Labor Berlin currently runs 12 facilities, employs around 500 people and conducts some 39 million tests each year. When throughput grew dramatically, they turned to Roche for help. Their newly streamlined, automated and standardized workflows improved PCR sensitivity, increased consistency and lowered the possibility for contamination.

  • Lab type: Public health
  • Lab specialities: Virology, microbiology, hemato/oncology and laboratory medicine
  • Key needs: Scaling workflows to accommodate a substantial increase in throughput
  • Highlighted solutions: LightCycler® 2.0 Instrument, MagNA Pure 96 System, MagNA STARlet and workflow solutions from Roche
  • Case study format: Interview in PDF format

“The molecular biology technology we use is key to our success. The more the lab’s throughput increases, the bigger the need for technology that enables you to standardize and automate processes—our lab experienced this first-hand.”  Dr. Anke Edelmann – Molecular Diagnostics Platform Coordinator, Labor Berlin

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