Roche and Hitachi celebrate 35 years of innovation

For more than three decades, Roche and Hitachi have been leading the way with a series of innovations that have revolutionized laboratory testing and diagnostics.

The original pioneers


The Roche Hitachi partnership began in 1978 when Hitachi (and formerly Boehringer Mannheim) won the contract to develop automated analyzers for clinical testing of body fluids. The result was the Hitachi 706 D, which was introduced to the German market in 1978 and brought the benefits of automated processing to the laboratory – improving accuracy of results and helping more patients to get better sooner.


A series of innovations


A new generation of automated analyzers followed and paved the way for a series of industry innovations under the name of cobas® in the early 1980s. Since then, cobas laboratory solutions have become synonymous with innovation, accuracy, speed and enhanced medical benefit for Roche customers across the world.


Elecsys® electroluminescence technology


In the early 1990s Roche and Hitachi continued pushing boundaries with the development of photometric analysis technology. Now known as Elecsys electroluminescence testing technology, this innovation became the powerhouse of Roche’s immunochemistry line-up. It has grown over time into a family of instruments that enable healthcare professionals to meet very specific clinical needs and mean cobas continues to deliver a wide range of diagnostic solutions. ECL technology page.


Modular solutions


30 years after their first project Roche and Hitachi introduced the cobas 8000 modular analyzer series - the world’s first fully automated and customizable high-throughput line-up designed to meet the specific needs of large workload laboratories. There are now more than 50,000 cobas modular analyzer systems installed worldwide, conducting eight billion tests per year and delivering 254 patients results every second.


The future


The next step for the Roche Hitachi partnership is to develop new instruments for totally automated and flexible lab workflows. From sample delivery at reception through to the reporting of results to the healthcare professional, Roche and Hitachi are committed to working hard together to increase efficiency, improve accuracy of results and deliver customized next-generation laboratory solutions for improved patient outcomes.