Roche celebrates 10,000th installation of a cobas e 411 analyzer

As part of Roche’s global celebration of the 10,000th installation of a cobas e 411 analyzer, Roche Diagnostics Middle East marked this milestone with customers during the Roche Middle East Days.

This 10,000th placement also saw Roche complete its most successful year, with over 2,000 installations worldwide in 2013. Introduced in 2007, the cobas e 411 analyzer has a proven record of success – especially in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America – and has quickly established itself as a workhorse for laboratories with low- to mid-volume testing workloads.

Technical progress in the medical laboratory has been enormous, stated Dr Amid Abdelnour, CEO at Biolab, a laboratory network headquartered in Amman/Jordan. The cobas e 411 analyzer was launched at the right time and we could hardly believe results could be processed so quickly and accurately. I am truly looking forward to working with innovations from Roche in the future.

The compact benchtop system uses the highly innovative ElectroChemiLuminescence (ECL) technology to deliver accurate and fast high-quality sample results, tapping into an ever-expanding menu of more than a hundred assays in immunochemistry alone. Through the ECL technology, Roche offers customers a very broad and highly differentiated assay menu that provides significant medical value to physicians and patients. Making use of its compact footprint in combination with a broad menu offering, the cobas e 411 analyzer meets the requirements of many laboratory settings and is applied as routine analyzer as well as dedicated STAT analyzer for emergency testing.

The cobas e 411 analyzer was an important part of automating our routine testing procedures as we wanted to consolidate all of our major tests on one platform, recalls Dr Laila O Abdel Wareth, Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Department at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City. We had many manual processes and thus faced challenges in allocating and analyzing samples on the different instruments we ran. Integrating the cobas e 411 analyzer was an important step that helped us achieve failsafe operation. Our congratulations on its 10,000th installation.

The healthcare sector is growing fast in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates for example, which borders Oman in the east and Saudi Arabia in the south, enjoys very high healthcare standards thanks to increased investment in recent years. Fully automated routine tasks instead of manual operations in the laboratory have become instrumental in keeping overall long-term spending down.

The Arab Health Congress 2014 from 27-30 January in Dubai gave us another opportunity to meet customers and decision-making representatives from the region, and to introduce our latest and future solutions in this field.

Roche celebrates 10,000th installation of a cobas e 411 analyzer

Dr. Amid Abdelnour, CEO of Biolab, Jordan

Roche celebrates 10,000th installation of a cobas e 411 analyzer

Moritz Hartmann, General Manager of Roche Diagnostics Middle East, speaks to the audience at Roche Days