The future cobas® Mass Spec analyzer*

* cobas® i 601 analytical unit (Mass Spec) is under development, not approved by any regulatory body, and not commercially available. 

Step into the future with our mass spectrometry analyzer

Catch a glimpse of our future fully automated, standardized liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) solution: the cobas® Mass Spec.

Recently unveiled at EuroMedLab 2023, our mass spectrometry analyzer is designed to seamlessly integrate into clinical chemistry and immunochemistry testing as part of cobas® pro integrated solutions, as well as lab automation & IT.** Are you as thrilled as we are about this innovative solution? Stay informed by subscribing to our updates.


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Imagine a new dimension in mass spectrometry with cobas® Mass Spec solution - the cobas® i 601 analytical unit and the Ionify® reagent line* 

Join us on this journey and discover new possibilities for your lab. With a planned broad in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) testing menu, it is designed to replicate the user experience of established immunoassay or clinical chemistry analyzers.

cobas® Mass Spec solution for clinical labs
If you could dream up a clinical laboratory of the future, what would it look like?

This solution has the potential to bring the core lab of the future to life. Watch this informative video that showcases the cobas® Mass Spec solution—designed to be a fully integrated, high-throughput system with an extensive menu, at launch.

Join us on this journey and discover new possibilities  for your lab.

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*cobas® i 601 analytical unit (Mass Spec) and Ionify® reagent line are under development, not approved by any regulatory body, and not commercially available. Contact the local Roche Diagnostics representative to enquire on the expected availability timeline for your country.

** At launch cobas® Mass Spec will be available in a stand-alone configuration only. All other configurations including clinical chemistry and immunochemistry analytical units will be available at a later date.