Workflow Efficiency

Innovative approaches at work

Roche is driven by an unmatched commitment to innovation. As the only IVD company able to connect molecular diagnostics to pre-analytical systems validated for cross-contamination compliance, we’re proud to bring an entirely new paradigm to workflow efficiency.


End-to-end automation and connectivity

RMD_Systems_cobas p 512 pre-analytical system


Pre-analytic automation delivers streamlined workflows according to specific sample types and assay requirements.

RMD_Systems_analytics system.png


Analytics on Roche systems, like the cobas® 6800/8800 Systems, offer full automation from sample in to results out.

RMD_Systems_Post Analytics Image.jpg


Post-analytic workflows begin with automated recapping, sealing, and storage.

Reduced workload, simplified workflow


Roche offers comprehensive options for workflow automation. Increase productivity by streamlining or reducing touchpoints so your staff can focus on more complex testing demands.

Designed to provide users with minimal and intuitive interactions, cobas® 6800/8800 Systems, for example, turn walk away time into true “work-away” time* with just three touchpoints.


*Depending on workflow, up to eight hours of “work-away” time for the cobas® 6800 System and four hours for the cobas® 8800 System respectively.

Load reagents & consumables
RMD_Systems_Load reagents and consumables
Load samples
RMD_Systems_Load Samples
Release results
RMD_Systems_Release Results

Optimised for your lab and your needs

Other solutions, such as the cobas® 4800 System, offer automation where it’s needed most.

  • Assay preparation and sample transfer for PCR amplification and detection
  • Result analysis for clear and precise answers, with a reduced need for retesting or interpretation



Roche solutions cover all testing needs from point-of-care to fully automated labs with various automation options designed for throughput and workflow complexity—virtual, standalone and connected.

RMD_Systems_Optimised for Your Lab

Partnering for the future

Roche solutions can evolve with your changing demands of menu, automation, workload and complexity. Ensure that you deliver patient results reliably, timely and accurately—today and into the future.

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Partnering for the future

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